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I use Turnkey Linux for some of my projects and i needed a solution like mklivecd, remastersys, relinux, to build a snapshot from an installed system. But mklivecd is not available on debian, relinux and remastersys bloat the iso because of ubiquity dependencies.

So, here is it.  A modified Relinux for turnkey, works on lucid. Saves a complete snapshot of the hdd, it only deletes the udev network persistance so the netcards get configured when moved. Same di-live installer.

Maybe somebody needs this.

I made an upgrade to ubuntu 12 precise but i encounter a few problems and i dont know how to fix them yet.

Added Debian version. Works for Turnkey 12 rc .

Instalation of the script is simple as putting all files to theyr places and chmod x for /bin/relinux and /bin/remastersys .

To install the os after building the iso, boot normally and go to advanced menu, install option will be provided there.

The script is based on relinux 0.3, and the option for backup will not be available on relinux 0.4 as stated on relinux dev websute: *Backup mode T (will be removed in 0.4, as remastersys is good for the backup mode, relinux is not)*

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And thanks for sharing. I'm sure it will be useful for someone!

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I shared the feeling, enjoy!

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debian_jessie 7 -> is it Jessie or is it 7 ?

6 Squeeze / 7 Wheezy / 8 Jessie

On Debian 6 it works flawless.

On Debian 7 there were some missing packets. (retested now on TKL 13, Debian 7 and it works just fine)

On Debian 8 i haven't had the chance to test it yet.

As for the install, exclude wubick. I'll take a look at this script when i will have the time. Meanwhile you can try remastersys from it has a cli only option , but i dont know about Jessie.

skype me at metal696heart when you have time.


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