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We need help with a web site that allows me to take in orders, that generate orders through e-mail or  possibly access vendors web sites through a script. It also needs to automatically pay our vendors for the orders.

After the orders to our vendors I need to automatically generate a rebate to purchasers and pay them through pay pal or rebate a master card or visa charge. Our rebates would be based on a percentage of our profits and we would like the rebates to be generated automatically 

Our volume will be quite high so we need servers able to handle a large volume of traffic without crashing or charging prohibitive fees. I am searching for a web server that can start small and scale to a larger volume. Any suggestions?

We would like the orders from customers, then orders to vendors and rebates to customers to be manged by the web site without our input based on our profit. 

Is this possible with turn key? I was thinking one of the appliances here could help me make this web site. I was looking at installing turn key and then installing joomla. 

Do you have any ideas on making this kind of site with turn key?




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It sounds like a big project. I recommend you take a look at hiring a developer who has done this before. I'm no expert but one of the most impressive systems to build on is probably Ubercart, which is based on Drupal. There's a thriving community around that so you shouldn't have a problem finding an experienced freelancer / company to help you. Good luck!

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What you describe in the first paragraph is commonly known as a back-to-back purchase order.  I've worked with a client using a proprietary system to do this.  Such systems go under the name of ERP systems & if you Google for open erp several alternatives come up & you could look at these.  A big consideration is how your supplier wants to handle the incoming POs.  In the case I mentioned the orders were sent by EDI but this is a bit long in the tooth, XML is the thing today (the supplier was also one of my clients so I handled both ends of the EDI).

The scalable requirement would probably be met by cloud computing.


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