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1. With the latest version , 11,3, I can install  with the LVM method,  but when i try to to create partitions manually , i just cannot create a /boot partition. Every time i create a partition its automatically set to / and there is no option to edit it to   /boot.  Also i cant seem to set the bootbale flag to 'on'.

Is there a way to edit the partitions ? 

2. If there is a bug in 11.3, can i use the  new 12.0 rc iso and then  install the fileserver packages ( samba , extplorer , lighttpd , etc)




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I have only installed using the default options. I thought that by default it creates a ext3 directory (mounted at /boot) already, in fact I thought that LVM required it...? (Because I was under the impression that you can't boot directly into LVM). And if it doesn't have a separate /boot then IMO it probably should.

As for Q2: Yes it is it entirely possible, but will require a bit of work on your part. Samba and LigHTTPd should be in the Debian repos (ie can install with apt-get install) as well as the required Webmin modules (there isn't one for LigHTTPd though AFAIK). eXtplorer you will need to manually install from upstream though I imagine (TKL v12.x will drop it in favour of AjaxExplorer anyway).

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Jeremy, thanx.

But i have gone back to opensuse. Created a separate /boot partition in a jiffy.

And installed samba, etc. 


Thanx once again.

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