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I have modified webmin port to 8080, but in Turnkey linux configuration console is still visable as 10000.

My question is, where can I change this and why is this hard-coded?

Keep the good work ... :)

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In the version you are using I believe this was hardcoded. We fixed this in a later version of the confconsole which uses a text template in /usr/share/confconsole/templates/.

You will be able to upgrade to the new version through the package manager once we release it along with a new batch of images that include many other bugfixes and improvements.

Meanwhile, if you can't wait I think you can change the hardcoded port by editing /usr/lib/confconsole/


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Can you tell me when it will be full release or turnkey appliances? In other words is latest build enough stable for production enviroment?

Thanks for all info.

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We intend to take the next batch of releases out of "beta" status as soon as they get enough testing from the community.

Meanwhile, under the hood an appliance is 99.9% Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS which you shouldn't have much trouble using in a production environment. The turnkey-specific bits in an appliance are mostly to provide additional convenience. We tweak default configurations and have added a handful of packages to tie things together (e.g., confconsole, di-live, webmin). Stability isn't effected much as we rarely modify the packages themselves, just their default configurations.

The next versions will fix all the configuration "bugs" that have been reported by the community and many that we have discovered in our private testing as well.

Note that the current betas do have a couple of serious configuration bugs. Auto-updates may get jammed occasionally, and there is an issue with the cryptographic keys used by default (e.g., they are the same for all appliances).

For these reasons, I wouldn't recommend production deployment of thousands of appliances just yet, however for ad-hoc use you can start with a beta appliance and later manually update the configuration in your production appliance too. We will provide instructions on how to do that for existing users when we issue a new release.

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