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I setup a TKL-Core box and cloned it and changed the networking settings etc on each of them.

The backup ID is staying the same though, how would i change the Backup ID on one of the boxes?


Thank you!

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rm -f /var/lib/hubclient/server.conf

(From this post here). I think deleteing that file should do the trick!? (Hopefully it should force the Hub to create a new ServerID).

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Thanks for the suggestion. I ran that and rebooted it and it was still using the same BackupID


Any other suggestions?

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It shows i don't have an actual /var/lib/hubclient/ directory.

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I'm not sure why you don't have /var/lib/hubclient perhaps the devs have changed it??

Anyway, another way you could go is to remove the API key and re-add it to your Hub account.

To remove the API key:

rm -rf /var/lib/tklbam

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Perfect! Thanks again! 

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Sounds like all is going well for you. :)

Although perhaps next time it would be better to start a new thread.

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