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Can you have more then one ec2 account on the same hub account?  I had set up a test lamp server for my brother but right now it is on my hub account which of course its tied to my ec2 account.   We would like to run it on a more perminant basis but of course I dont want to pay for my brothers instance.  I would like to manage it for him though.

If i can't do this, is there a way to take a backup from one server on one turnkey hub account and restore it to a server on another account?




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No you can't have multiple AWS accounts linked to the one Hub account. It was a feature of the Hub some time ago, but was removed due to the backend maintenance complexity (for the TKL devs).

But you can 'move' an appliance using TKLBAM. The steps would look something like this:

  1. Run a TKLBAM backup of the desired instance on your account.
  2. Create a new AWS/Hub account for your brother.
  3. Launch an instance of the desired appliance (from your brother's account).
  4. Associate the new appliance (running on your brother's account) with your Hub account (ie input your Hub API key).
  5. Restore the TKLBAM backup (from your account) to the new appliance (running on your brother's account).
  6. Disassociate the appliance (on your brother's account) from your Hub account (ie remove your API key).
    		rm -rf /var/lib/tklbam
  7. Associate the appliance with your brother's account (using his Hub API key).
  8. I would run another TKLBAM backup once you have confirmed that everything is as it should be.

Reference here.

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I just ran a Magento Clone in VMWARE.  Was not having much luck resetting TKLBAM.  Used your command above however and it seemed to do the trick:

rm -rf /var/lib/tklbam


  Seems pretty important to do so right a way.  Might be a way to Leave an Archived Backup on the Hub for any Server and simply start with new Backup set.  Deleting the old backup set likely starts a new backup set.  It would seem advantageous to have a "lock" on a backup around times of major changes to a server.

Is there a TKLBAM command that does this by itself?

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A clone of a current server! You may also notice that if you are using HubDNS that the launching a clone will 'steal' the domain name of the original server...!

But back to your question, AFAIK no currently there is not. Feel free to lodge a feature request (as an issue on the GitHub tracker) regarding that. If/when I see it I will apply the appropriate tags (i.e. 'tklbam' and 'feature request').

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In this situation, I had 4 Hosts running within Magento and I want to Peel 3 of them out and reside on a diff server.  Easiest way is to either Run TKLBAM or to Clone.

In the past I have had some prob w/ TKLBAM restores running properly, but I realized today that much of the problem has to do with Host Name setups that are generated in Apache.  Second is the Core/Config callouts in the Main SQL Database - changing the HostName as well.


I see that I also need to update my .htaccess files as well to reflect the changes

About 3 times I did TKLBAM restores with problems...  This has seemed to fix it and would make a short list for what to change after a Magento Restore as well.

To the point though, it is important to Create a New TKLBAM Database as otherwise it seems two systems would be merging into one Database which iI am sure wouild cause problems.Seems to be working

First backup still running.  I should have cleared Cache and Settings.  Should realistically put an Exclude on TKLBAM for those folders too.

Thanks for your help.

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