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Hello, im a new member of turnkey.

Here is the screen shot i will try to explain what is happening. When i login using shell in a box on the browser or ssh there is no problem like this.

When i try to login using vmware vShere Client console after i quit config console its ask me lamp login:  and waiting for me to enter username to login. I want to type root but when i enter "r" its says login incorrect and askme this in the screenshot. After this everything is going weird. i type the root password its show me the password clearly and ask Password: again i type password again then it show me the "root@lamp ~#"  but after this anything i write it says login incorrect and ask "lamp login:" again when i type root it says "bash: root: command not found" then return to "root@lamp ~#" again.


Im totally confused, what is happening? any idea?

Thank you

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Looks like its want to be in maintenance shell because its cant mount one of the network path i write in fstab. I remove that line from fstab and everything goes back to normal.

I just want to understand what is mantenance mode and what is the password for this? Im writing root password but i guess this is not the same for maintenance password. And what is the correct way to mount smb/cifs share (openfiler) using fstab.

I use this tutorial :


 to do that but its not working it seems. When i do it manually i can connect to share without a problem.

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Firstly I'm not sure why you can't login using your root credentials, they should work. I've never encountered the 'maintenance shell' in TKL but I have on my PVE server (Debian based) and I can login fine with my normal root credentials and I would assume they would be the same (TKL is Ubuntu under the hood, which is in turn based on Debian).

Reading through your initial post it sounds like you have actually logged in (IIRC you can only log in as root so you just type your root password). Also the fact that it is displaying your root command prompt (ie "root@lamp ~#") and saying that root is an unknown command (which it would be if you type it in the command line) makes me think that you were in fact logged in. As it suggests, you can also try using <Ctrl><D> to attempt ignoring the problem and continue to try to load the normal shell (which may or may not work depending on the issue).

As for your fstab issue, I don't do that myself, but I have in the past and IIRC there are a couple of different ways to do it... Perhaps have a search over on the Ubuntu forums (TKL v11.x is Ubuntu 10.04 under the hood), or even just a regular google (something like "fstab mount win share ubuntu 10.04" or similar) should get you headed in the right direction.

Also if/when you do get it working, it'd be great if you could post back and I'll update the documentation.

Thanks :)

PS Note the last line of the doc:

To double check that it all should work (without rebooting) use the 'mount -a' command.

If mount -a works then it should work fine on boot... (IIRC the command parses the fstab file and tests it)

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Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for your reply. Actually i solve the issue with correcting the fstab mount line, it seems like "boxinashell" have some bugs while trying to add line if your line is longer than screen. Editing that line can create some type issues. So i use putty ssh and edit fstab and correct the problem. Now everything is alright.

My question is: what was that weird behaviour in the maintenance shell? I will try to explain step by step to show you how weird. Im just curious about how can i handle when my lamp box decide to be in maintenance mode in the shell because some kind of problem on boot process.

Behaviour : 

When shell up, it says "General error mounting file systems, A maintenance shell will now be started"
Then its wait for me to enter login credentials at "lamp login:"
So at this point i just want to type "root" but when i type "r" without enter its immediately says "Login incorrect" and says "Give password for maintenance or ctrl-d to continue" (like at the screeshot) so at that moment i tought its ask me my root password, i type my root password hit enter then it show me my root password clearly on the screen (this is weird) and ask me "Password:" again (now im confused). Because the cursor waiting at the end of the "Password:" question i type my root password again and hit enter then its gives an error "bash: mypassword: command not found" (now its totally confusing) then its show me"root@lamp ~#". After this, whatever i type forexample "ls" it says "login incorrect", ask me loging credentials again "lamp login:" , i type "root" and press enter then it says "bash: root: command not found"...

This is what i see when the shell is in maintenance mode. If is there any way to get in maintenance mode by command i guess you can reproduce the issue. Or basically just try to mount invalid shared folder using fstab to see whats happening in maintenance mode after restart.

Thank you for your interest.



PS: this is only happening in the console. putty or shellinabox have no problem like this. i fix the fstab using putty ssh while i cant manage anything on the console.

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