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i hat a running t1.micro instance which I choosed to change to a m1.small instance, I did this, not thinking too long about it, by using the amazon aws console (stop instance, change instance type, start instance).

now the instance correctly starts up as a m1.small instance, however in the tk hub it is still shown as "t1.micro".

is there any way to update the metadata in the tk hub so that it shows the correct instance type there as well?


thanks for your suggestions



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And I have never used the AWS console, so have no idea about any of that (in fact didn't even realise that it was possible).

Perhaps you should suggest it as a feature (lodge a blueprint)?

My only suggestion to resolve your issue, is to do a TKLBAM backup of your appliance and then launch a new instance of the size you want and restore the TKLBAM backup to it

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Changing instance sizes inline in the Hub is not currently support, but I've added it to the todo list. You could do as Jeremy suggested (using TKLBAM), but for EBS-backed instances the easier way would be using snapshots. 

Take a snapshot of the instance, then launch the snapshot as a new instance, and specify the instance size you want. Added bonus is you can specify a larger EBS volume and the filesystem will be auto-resized on firstboot.

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Didn't think of that.

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all right, sounds a fair trick for me. thanks,


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