My knowledge on Linux is somewhat limited, I just wanted to make this clear.  Here is my scenario:

I'm trying to setup a Moodle server that needs to accessible outside of my LAN to be available to about a ten public schools.  So it will me hosted on our domain as moodle.domain.com.  I'm running into an issue with the installation.  Right now I have the Moodle server setup with an internal IP address.  It seems that "once in a while" the browser window will time out and say "page cannot be displayed".  If I refresh the screen it will come up.  I don't want this to happen when someone is entering course material and when they click on submit, they lose everything.

My question is where do I start troubleshooting this?  Does it have to do with the ESXi installation (installed from the .iso)?  Would I be able to change some settings within PHP or Apache to prevent this?

Thanks in advance.


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My suspicion would be networking somewhere/somehow... Perhaps google the problem and see what you come up with...

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