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Hi everyone, forgive me if I ask anything thats been covered elsewhere, ive looked around and havent seen anything specific, and have some rather unique questions/ideas.

1. I am running the plain basic file server, can I upgrade that to the torrent server with out having to do a re-install?

2. this can go a couple of different ways, but here goes my idea and maybe someone can chime in and tell me what i need to do...I would like to be able to access the file server externally. ive already forwarded the ports and set a static IP, but what I want to know, is there any way I can make the server periodically send an email with the external ip address? or some other method for me to know the external ip address with out having to be physically at the house? or anyway to install a remote desktop/remote assistance type application (thinking this would need a GUI to work properly though) for the purpose of obtaining my external ip address?

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To answer your questions:

1. Theoretically yes, but practically no. I suggest you use TKLBAM to transfer your files and settings. If you have a lot of files already in there, to keep your backup size down you could transfer the files out first (to a local machine) and delete them from your server.

2. You'll want to use a Dynamic DNS service to link a domain name to your external IP. There is a whole thread here somewhere on it. Alternatively you could use the Hub's built-in DDNS service. (see docs here).

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Just wanted to reply back and say thanks for actually answering my newbie questions. cant tell you how many times ive seen on other message boards a newbie to whatever product/service etc... it was asking basic entry level questions and even the board admins talking down to them and treating them like they were retarded just because they were uneducated in a very specific issue on a specific item.

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We were all newbs once...! :)

PS I also added a link to my post above.

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Could you elaborate on what you are actually trying to achieve?

Is it that you need access to your own private information from outside your house, or are you trying to make files pubicly available?

Security concerns need to be addressed here. You may want to use a VPN instead of just exposing your files to the internet,

Then again, it depends on your actual objectives.

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