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My main LAMP instance, managed with Turnkey Linux, was unreachable. Reboot didn't help.  Stop didn't work properly and the instance was left in the stopping state for long time (hours).

I went to the AWS panel and tried a force stop.  That didn't help either, so I started a new instance from AWS panel with a random 32 bit linux.  Started it and turned it off, materialised last night's S3 snapshot as a volume and then switched the boot disk to use the just created volume.  I booted it up, and associated the elastic IP.

Everything worked and now the server is up and running and is showing in the AWS Panel. However is does not appear to be managed by Turnkey Linux anymore (can't see the server in Turnkey server list).

Given that is still a Turnkey Linux LAMP instance, is there any way to have it back in Turnkey Linux panel?

Thanks for any help or hint.

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But you could try running a TKLBAM backup on it and then restore to a new instance (launched from the hub). Or perhaps you could try doing what you did in reverse (although I'm not even sure the Hub will see the snapshot either...).

To be on the safe side, I wouldn't destroy your non-Hub managed instance until you are sure all the data is in the new Hub managed appliance and all is well.

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Hi Jeremy, I understand, thank you!

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