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Hi, I new user of TKL an i have instaled the LAMP appliance (Jul - 2012), after install i set the root password for easy one: pass=root (user=root), and i try to connect to webmin and work fine. After a cuple of days i try to connect to the webmin with root/root but the login failed. I decide try to log on hard reseting the machine and log normaly by console. When i try log with root/root the login also fail and in webmin also fail.
After that i reset the root password on the machine an i set root/root credential again, when i try to log on the first time, work fine, but a couple of days after the problem appear again.
Any suggestion?
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But your issue does seem very odd. I have never experienced that before and AFAIK it shouldn't be possible - at least not on the default TKL install (you could set it to do that if you wanted...) Is someone else logging into it and changing the password?

I suggest that you install the latest version (v12.0 - released early August) and see if your issue persists. And generally you wouldn't want to use a password as simple as that, but I assume you are running it on a local network only (in a VM?) where you have full control!?

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