Would an OpenVPN Turnkey Linux package be available in the near future? In wake of the recent Firesheep incidents, there is an increase of awareness (As well as increased danger) for users who are not using HTTPS while using websites. 'Big' websites such as Gmail and Facebook now have an option for forcing HTTPS sessions after login.

Using a VPN, users can safely surf the web and manage important credential transactions. If I understand correctly, OpenVPN is an open VPN system. (Which we can deduce from the name.)

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I agree this has increased importance now that firesheep has popularized session hijacking attacks. There was a tklpatch for OpenVPN submitted in Jan 2010, and we're going to look into using that as a base for a new TurnKey OpenVPN appliance. If you can't wait, I recommend looking into the patch.

I can wait, but I just wanted to suggest this idea to the TurnKey community, so if someone could develop this and release it on the TurnKey website, then that would be beneficial to the users of the web as a whole.

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Did anything happen with this? I am looking for vpn software and I was hoping there would be a turnkey solution for it.

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AFAIK nothing furthe has happened with this. But the TKLPatch may be of value as a reference for installing/configuring OpenVPN. Even though it was designed for a previous Ubuntu based version of TKL it should still be at least somewhat relevant. You could try applying this patch to the current Core appliance and see what happens... Post back (on the OpenVPN TKLPatch forum thread) if there are any issues and I (or Stas, the original patch dev) may be able to help you out if you have issues (and I have time). 

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