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    I am new to ssh. I know that after key exchange client and server use negotiated algorithm to encrypt the packet. But in what format packets are transmitted before key exchange? If they are encrypted even before key exchange then which key is used to encrypt the packet.

I hope some of you guys might have answer of my question.

Thanks in advance.

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And it made me think... So I asked google and found plenty of info. Short answer is yes it seems that all communication is encrypted...

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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your response.

But I didn't find my answer that what key is used to encrypt them...?

I anlayzed and thought that they might be encrypted using public key. But how they are exchanging their public key even before communication?

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But have a look on the SSH Wikipedia page... Seems like all the details are there...

I suggest that if that doesn't answer your question and you'd like to find out more, perhaps conduct your own investigations and/or contact the OpenSSH devs (I'm sure they've got a mailing list or something.

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