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Hi all,


So, I'm looking for advice. I'm building a small drupal 7 instance. I'm at the verge of getting

out of memory errors with certain modules like bean. I'm not just adding modules to add capability. Each is specific for functionality of the the site. I'm also finding $61 month is a bit steep for the long term goals of this site. Should I purchase it as an instance? I think it is $227 a year. 

The ram is 1.7Gb. The issue is, I have not added ubercart for file downloads and am worried I will reservse and instance that I can't expand due to limitation. It may make more sense to upgrade to a larger instance and reserve that or get another small instance as a subdomain for ubercart.


Take a look at the site. It is underconstruction but online until Nov. 15th.





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forgot the site url.

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