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I have discover Turnkey and find the appliance marvelous ! but... yes there is always a but :) is it possible to have on an appliance Tomcat + Apache + database (MySQL or PostgreSQL) all in one so that there is no need to have 2 appliance.


Hi zemadmat,

I check the appliance Tomcat + Apache and you are right.... there isn't any database, and no phpmyadmin.....


So count me also about that......





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Creating what you desire should theoretically as easy as installing your database of choice over the top of the "Tomcat on Apache Appliance". I'm sure there will be plenty of useful online instructions on how to do this. Just remember TKL is Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) Server under the hood. The 8.04 Server guide (https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/index.html) is probably a great place to start. Have a good read before you do anything else. Once you feel like you have a bit of an idea what you're up to, go have a look over on the TKL development page (www.turnkeylinux.org/community/development) for more info about documenting your customisations to help push forward official TKL implementation and allow others to follow in your footsteps in the meantime.
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 I haven't yet have read the TKL help. Can you just indicates me if with TKL i can build a turnkey appliance with integrated phpmyadmin and other menu for the db config like in the full Mysql appliance ? That's really an amazing thing to have just a linux without any GUI and have this web portal that can help to use the appliance !

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Do you mean TKLPatch? If so, the answer is yes.

I would recommend using the LAMP appliance as a reference. It uses Apache as its backend, and is configured for a LAMP type scenario, as opposed to the MySQL appliance which is configured as a database backend and uses lighttpd).

Good luck!
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Too bad there isn't a good name for this combination of software. Sure it might be a good idea to create a more capable version of the Tomcat appliance. Either that or add MySQL and phpMyAdmin to the appliance (not sure about that).

On the other hand, remember that it is impossible for us to satisfy everybody's needs. That's why we design the appliances so that they are easy to customize.

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Having a database is now a fundamental part of any web based system.  I agree with the original poster that Tomcat without MySQL is not very useful.

I am willing to spearhead an effort to create an appliance with Tomcat, Apache, MySQL, and phpMyAdmin pre-installed.  I need to get familiar with this system first and then I can contribute it.  If anyone has any tips, I would appreciate it.

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I am trying to figure which of these approaches to take:

1. Start from the TKL Core appliance and add Tomcat, Apache, phpMyAdmin, and MySQL to it

2. Start from the Tomcat on Apache appliance and add phpMyAdmin and MySQL to it

Any suggestions on the pros and cons of the approaches?

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and then install MySQL and phpMyAdmin on top. At least that minimises the work a little.

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 happy to see that i'm not the only finding Linux Apache Mysql Tomcat LAMT (yep what an ugly name :) ) usefull !

Dear all,

I Agree with liraz, that it is impossible for us to satisfy everybody's needs.

Some times ago I read about the need of Alfresco.

Alfresco need Tomcat6, and I also read that it's hard backporting it to Hardy.

So I try to learn glasfish,

Now , I have a Virtualbox with alfresco running on it.

The system is based on TKL's LAMP, that is we can call it GoLAMP (Glassfish on LAMPP)

Unfortunately, I already forgot the step on how to do it.

But if there is much demand on it, i'll re-do it and maybe I'll provide tklpatch files as the result.

I'm not a web/database coder, infact I'm very bad in database . I'm just happy to learn to install/UnInstall everythings



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