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Deployed turnkey-mediawiki-12.0-squeeze-x86-ovf.zip with no problems.  I went to access the Special:Import MediaWiki page which gives an HTTP 500 error.  Fresh deployment, import attempted from default admin account.  Tried again on a second fresh VM, same results.  IE shows the 500 error, FF shows a blank page.

Deployed turnkey-mediawiki-11.3-lucid-x86-ovf.zip as a test, and import works fine.

Can't find a specific error in the logs to associate with the 500 error.  I would prefer to run the v12 package, but require the import function to work.  Help?

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From the apache log:

[Thu Nov 01 19:49:50 2012] [error] [client <snip>] PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined method User::isAllowedAny() in /usr/share/mediawiki/includes/specials/SpecialImport.php on line 59, referer: http://<snip>/index.php/Special:SpecialPages

Looks like there is some awareness of this issue:


Here's a fix for everyone (credit due where credit due) constructed from information in the above link:

1) Download http://dumps.wikimedia.org/mediawiki/1.15/mediawiki-1.15.5.tar.gz

2) Unpackage the file \mediawiki-1.15.5\includes\specials\SpecialImport.php from the archive indicated in step 1

3) SFTP (I used FireFTP) to your turnkey-mediawiki-12.0-squeeze-x86 server

4) Navigate to /usr/share/mediawiki/includes/specials

5) Rename SpecialImport.php to SpecialImport.php.original

6) Upload the SpecialImport.php from step 2 to usr/share/mediawiki/includes/specials

7) Reboot your turnkey-mediawiki-12.0-squeeze-x86 server.  (This may not be necessary, but I did it to be rigorous)

8) Use Special:Import to your heart's content.

Because I only had to use Special:Import once, I thereafter renamed SpecialImport.php
 to SpecialImport.php.1-15-5 and SpecialImport.php.original to SpecialImport.php

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But ultimately a new appliance with a new version will be released. When that will be is anybody's guess at this point though...

Some of the other appliances have community member created update scripts (in the form of TKLPatches) so if you are particularly keen to see a newer appliance then perhaps that's something you could push for (by starting work on something like that for MediaWiki?)

The other thing to keep in mind is that it is possible that if the MediaWiki software comes from the Debian repos (rather than installed from upstream) that this bug is known and someone has figured a workaround?

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And glad to hear you got it sorted.

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