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I successfully installed and setup the zimbra appliance at Amazon AWS on the small instance through the turnkey hub.  Once tested, I tried to update from the base install of V5 to V6 so that I could add the ZeXtras sync client.  I downloaded and unpacked the appropriate file.  First, it asked me to change the /etc/hosts information to reflect my external ip, FQDN and a hostname.  So I did that.  This brings me to my first question:  It specified FQDN, so I put in with the elastic IP and a new hostname.  Was that the right thing to do? I setup the appliance initially with and with an A record.  I know that when I ran the file after installing it, it made my email addresss and the domain  Did these changes hurt my server?

Next, I tried to re-do the install.  However, it would not let me complete it because it said I need 5gb of storage but only had 1gb.  So my second question is:  How do I add the needed storage space?




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Firstly from what I have read Zimbra v6 won't install on 32 bit without a bit of hacking. I suggest you read over the Zimbra forums. I recall someone mentioning somewhere that there are 'unsupported' instructions on how to get it to install.

IIRC you should be able to mount some extra space to get it to overcome that hurdle. I'm not sure where you'll need to mount it, but once you work that out (perhaps also on Zimbra forums) then you can do something like the workaround for TKLBAM (ie a mount --bind). For example have a look at this thread.

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Any news on the zimbra update,  there are a few features noticeably absent in the current tk version the read reciept to be precise.

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As is possibly stated above, AFAIK an updated Zimbra appliance relies on having a 64 bit Core to install to. Hopefully that won't be too far away but I've been saying that for a while now...

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