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Is anyone using amd64 images (preferably 12.1) on EC2?  Seems like Hub doesn't yet support this, which removes quite a lot of the value of TKL.

If so, are you managing your EC2 instances entirely through AWS control panels?  And would this tutorial work for setting up the instances based on TKL 12.1?

I need rather more than 3.5 GB RAM now, so it would really help to know.

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Currently there are no stable TKL images available in 64 bit (and hence none available via AWS). However next gen TKL (v13 - based on the recently released Debian 7/Wheezy) is in the pipeline and hopefully will see the light of day soon. Unfortunately the devs are very busy putting together a v12.1 release and working on a few other things so no ETA at this point...

And the instructions on the link you post to would probably still work for TKL v12 instances, however (as I asked in that thread) why not just use the Hub to launch your instance? AFAIK using that method will still not allow you to launch 64 bit...

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Would you recommend either the 12.1 or 13.0 RC / early drops for 64-bit usage?  Needs to be stable at the Linux + EC2 level, and I need working TKLBAM, but apart from that the other features aren't so important to me.

As for just launching via the Hub - that doesn't let me use any instance types with RAM higher than 1.7GB - probably due to 32-bit but perhaps due to some other restrictions.  So it's really not useful for my current application.

I was thinking that the linked instructions would let me take a 64-bit image (12.1 or 13) and launch it outside Hub, which would at least let me use TKL core and restore from TKLBAM.  (Most of my binaries beyond apt-installed ones are fine with operating in 32-bit mode - would just recompile Python, which I already did on 32-bit as the TKL version was too old.)

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So if you need 64 bit then you won't have any option.

AFAIK the restrictions are purely to do with architecture (i.e. because they are 32 bit only).

I don't think that the v13.0RC is available as an AMI so you can't launch it anyway AFAIK. Although if you know how to launch an AWS instance from an ISO then you'd be in luck.

If your need is immediate and absolutely requires 64 bit, but you want to use TKLBAM then perhaps you could install a Debian 64bit AMI and compile TKLBAM from source. You'd also need to fool the Hub into thinking that it actually was a TKL instance but it could be done I'm sure... But it will require a bit of know how and a fair bit of mucking around. Probably not for the faint of heart! :)

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