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I need some help. Can you publish a step-by-step instruction to get ftp on my wordpress-appliance up and running? Thanks you!

Best regards, hijacker

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SFTP (secure FTP) is already supported by all appliances and most modern FTP clients. It's encrypted so your password won't be transmited over the Internet in the clear and the implementation is also much more secure and robust. You're better off with that.

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Follow up to this issue--

For those that run ino the same issue of not being able to write via anonymous ftp (despite following the docs and howto's) -- I found that it's related to file/dir permissions.  Create a sub-dir under your ftp root (i.e. if your ftp root is /srv/ftp, then create /srv/ftp/anon) and chmod the appropriate permissions for your anonymous ftp user (in vsftpd's case, it's user 'ftp')

There's a bunch of other various tweaks I had to apply to vsftpd.conf, but the bulk of the problem was related to how the anon ftp folder is nested.  This should be very clearly documented with vsftp's man or other docs, but I never found it.

Hope this helps someone else..

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Pity that you had this issue and such a hard time resolving it. Thanks heaps for posting back with the solution, I'm sure others who come across this issue will really appreciate it.

I agree that it would be fantastic if there was better documentation for lots of stuff TKL related, but unfortunately pretty much everyone here are volunteers (other than the core devs, Alon & Liraz - and they are busy developing and rarely have time to post...). I spend as much time as I can afford trying to help people out when and where I can, but most other's are scratching their own itch (like you did).

If you have time it would be awesome if you wanted to document what you did to set this up and get it working. The TKL Docs (Help>>Documentation) are a community Wiki which you should be able to edit (if logged in).

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