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      I have downloaded and installed Turnkey Zimbra .ISO image and also installed it on the PC now i am trying to access zimbra PC from the other PC connected to the same network,

as zimbra shows it's ip address i.e. & port no. i.e. 7071 to access Zimbra admin from the other PC through web brower, still i am not able to access the PC while i am able to access Webmin & Webshell also able to login successfully, but only i am not able to access Zimbra, do i have to execute any command to access Zimbra Admin & it's Web ?


Thanks in advance


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Did you see the bugfix thread about configuring Zimbra referenced from the appliance page?

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@sdaau - If you create an account you will get email notification when someone answers your question (you can also login with openid if you want).

Anyway, to answer your questions:

It takes a while for all the zimbra services to start, thats why you noticed the lag (we should consider making a note about that on the appliance page).

You can't really send email to, as zimbra is really picky when it comes to DNS resolution, and is a reserved domain (see RFC 2606, section 3)

So, you should be using zimbra-conf to change the domain name, unless you just want to test zimbra without actually sending/receiving email.

I hope the above helps.

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