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Ok so....kinda a linux n00b here, but how do I upgrade to 12.1? I poked around on the site to see if there was a walkthrough or forum topic, but no dice.

Any best practice tips? I'm running the LAMP stack.

I have a dedicated box in a datacenter and a local VirtualBox for testing. 


Any Ideas greatly appreciated!

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So I would run a TKLBAM backup, then restore to a 12.1 VM to test your backup. Normally I wouldn't recommend taking your main server offline until you have confirmed that all is well on your new server but that probably isn't practical in your scenario, so ensuring that the backup works in a VM may have to do... So the process would be:

  • Run TKLBAM backup of server
  • Restore to VM
  • Document any tweaks needed to get it all running sweet (assuming that it doesn't OOTB - it may also require tweaking of TKLBAM on the original server and repeat first steps...)
  • Once all seems well. destroy VM and restore to fresh VM to double check.
  • Once all is confirmed good do clean install of v12.1 on your server and restore (the confirmed) TKLBAM backup.

Although having said that perhaps you'd be better of just waiting untill the v13.0 release (which hopefully won't be too far away). You'll need to follow the same steps to upgrade to v13.0 and that will be a more significant update...

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