I've been running a Joomla16 appliance for years on a computer in my house. I've been using TKLBAM for over a year. I just tried to restore my backup to another bare metal machine (which I did once successfully a while back). I installed Joomla16 and then ran tklbam-restore 1. It downloaded for hours (1GB according to my firewall log); but when it finished I didn't see any of my data. It still looks like an original Joomla16 install. My live appliance has 20GB of data on the hard drive. It should have downloaded more. Could it have something to do with my HUB settings? Months ago I changed my Max Full Backups from unlimited to 4. Did I lose some of my data? Any suggestions appreciated.

TIA, John


I just wasn't waiting long enough for the restore to finish. I let it run through the night, and then it worked.

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Thanks for posting back with your update! Glad it's all working as expected! :)

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