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As a part of a summer internship A friend and I were tasked with developing/finding a booking system for moodle(never used it before)

We are having trouble figuring out how to exactly installing any external plugins such as mrbs or moodle booking system

All the intrustions tell us to look for the moodle or data directory but we can't seem to find it

We are using VM ware player using a linux server NAT-based

Any help would be very greatly appreciated

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We are using turnkey 12.0

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Which is /var/www so I would expect the Moodle folder to be /var/www/moodle or similar. If not then there should be a symlink there that points to where it is.

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We are completely new to any kind of moodle software and aren't sure how to find that

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As in we aren't completely sure how to get to /var in the first place. Where should we look in file explorer or what should we search for?

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It is the Linux directory naming convention... TBH I don't mean to be rude, but if you are going to administer this machine then I suggest that you read up a bit on Linux 101... :)

/ is the root directory (I guess you could say it's like 'My Computer' in Windows) so /var/www is the 'www' folder inside the 'var' folder in the root directory.

Use either the file manager in Webmin (found via port 12321 i.e. in a web browser "https://<appliance-ip>:12321") or an FTP client (like Filezilla - using SFTP to connect to your appliance IP).

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