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I've had a quick skim over the TKLDev documentation, and I must be missing something but how do you specify which bootstrap to use?

Is there an easy way of specifying RELEASE=wheezy or something like that?

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RELEASE = wheezy in the Makefile works (typo on my part before caused the issue!)

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OK I've done some more testing and have come to the conlcusion that your target platform has to be the same as your build platform, i.e if i'm building on squeeze my target has to to be squeeze and cant be wheezy.

Is this expected behaviour?

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Yes this is the expected behavior. You could tweak things to work otherwise but it'll be easier to just go with the flow. You'll want a TurnKey 12 version of TKLDEV to build a Squeeze appliance and a TurnKey 13 version of TKLDEV to build a Wheezy appliance. There are arcane technical reasons for this which I won't get into right now.

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Its probably worth updating the documentation to make that clearer - it kind of implies that it supports multi archs / releases given it talks about storing multiple bootstraps, etc...

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