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Installing 12.0 TurnKey Linux VMs on Citrix XenServer 6.1/6.2:

Citrix XenServer console (create VM):

  • New VM
  • Choose Other template (implies HVM guest instead of PV)
  • Choose ISO image for installation soure
  • Add one disk for root and one disk for swap
  • Start installing VM
  • Chose entire disk instead of LVM (otherwise the disks cannot be resized by the host)

VM's console (configure guest):

  • apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get install linux-image-686-bigmem
  • For the console you need to add the following line in /etc/inittab before line1:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 tty1:
    • co:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 hvc0
  • In /etc/fstab switch from /dev/hd* to /dev/xvd* if needed
  • Shut down the VM

Citrix XenServer console (change virtualisation technique for this guest from HVM to PV):

  • xe vm-list power-state=halted (write down UUID for the VM)
  • xe vm-param-set uuid=UUID HVM-boot-policy= (leave blank after equals sign)
  • xe vm-param-set uuid=UUID PV-bootloader=pygrub
  • xe vm-disk-list uuid=UUID (find VDB disk's UUID of root partition)
  • xe vbd-param-set uuid=VBD's UUID bootable=true
  • Reconnect to server in XenCenter Manager

VM's console (install XenTools)

  • Start appliance
  • mount /dev/cdrom /mnt
  • /mnt/Linux/install.sh
  • umount /mnt
  • Eject xs-tools.iso from the VM's CD-ROM, otherwise the VM won't boot.
  • sudo reboot
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I don't use XenServer but for others that might it would be great if you could test and post back! :)

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I have XS 6.0 but I'm not even getting to the point of installing - I only get an initramfs prompt after what looks like the kernel loads.

If I run apt-get in the VM console, it says no command is found.  

I've got the iso in the CIFS share and following the steps above, including one disk and one swap partition... how do I get this running?

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