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I have deployed a trac appliance to EC2 via turnkey Hub. I can ssh into the appliance and can access the application via HTTP or HTTPS, but I can't get to https://<appliance-fqdn>:12321/ or https://<applicance-fqdn:12320.  When I try it via Chrome (on Mac OS) I get the error code ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.  But it looks like the appliance firewall is set to allow traffic to those ports.

Anyone have any ideas? When I deployed the appliance, I set the root password and selected a key pair - none was available in the pop-up list, although I had generated an ssh key pair and associated it with my hub account before deploying the appliance. So I generated one from the deployment form, and it downloaded a .pem file, which I put in ~/.ssh - not sure if that is where it goes.  



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I haven't tested this morning but I have used many appliances via the TKL Hub (AWS) and Webmin should just work... Web shell on the other hand appears to be broken under Chrome (but Firefox works ok...)

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