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New virtual machine - LAMP Stack (version 13), VMWare Player (6.0.1 build-1379776).  Static IP (, behind a firewall.

When trying to access Web Shell ( I see a black screen - no login prompt.  I'm running a Joomla website (restored from an akeeba backup).  Webmin (:12321) and PHPMyAdmin (:12322) work correctly.  

I really have no idea where to start.  Any suggestions for a novice?


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I had the same happening last week (in fact I still have it happening on one Machine, in Chrome Browser).

Works on other machines and in Firefox.  Remember though, in Firefox you need to use a MINUS "-" rather than a DASH "-" as, at least for me, dashes don't make it to Webshell.

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Thought I had checked all browsers, but apparently not.  Firefox does work.  

Thanks.  :)

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My Chrome (one one XP box) not mending in WebShell.  If you find a fix for Chrome let me know.  Until then lets use Firefox.  (In Fact the normal dash(-) is working in FireFox now..  way cool.  Now just to make a Firefox base "self contained" appliance button like Chrome has with "Create Application Shortcuts"...(thoughts on that?.).. no need if none.. :)

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There used to be an easy way to make a 'chromless' Firefox window (basically a browser window without any of the browser buttons or menus) but I haven't used Firefox for a long time so not sure how easy it is...

As for Webshell, a quick google turned up this: https://code.google.com/p/shellinabox/issues/detail?id=245

So looks likes it's a known issue and technically a Chrome bug. Although just like the previous Firefox issue (technically a Firefox bug) it will require Shell in a Box (the actual name of the Webshell software) to resolve it from their end... There is some workaround code provided but it may be easier to just use Firefox...

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