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Hi guys,

Thank you for your work and happy new year.

I installed on Esxi 5.5 the vmdk TurnKey ClipBucket 13.0 but it "does not work".
I didn't change anything, so normally it should work out of the box.

The log of my test:

The website if you want to try

When i read http://releases.turnkeylinux.org/turnkey-clipbucket/13.0-wheezy-amd64/tu... normally libfaac should be installed but no, libfaac do not appear in the codec list when i do ffmpeg -codecs

So what is the problem for my test and for libfaac?

Other question, why install an old version of ffmpeg, clipbucket doesn't work with new versions of ffmpeg?


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I just deployed this appliance to see if I could recreate the issues, and I can.

The conversion error you are getting is due to a clipbucket/ffmpeg incompatibility. ffmpeg no longer accepts the "-vpre" option, it is now "-preset". You can modify the clipbucket source at /var/www/clipbucket/includes/classes/ffmpeg.class.php to change the flag in two places but... 

That won't completely solve the issue as it looks like the version of ffmpeg included does not include the faac codec support, as you noted. This is likely because the faac is not a GPL-compatible license. There are other aac codec implementations usable with ffmpeg but I'm not experienced enough to help more. If I get an opportunity I'll dig a little deeper, but you can always compile ffmpeg yourself


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Thanks for replying Eric.

There is also PHP problems because of PHP 5.4 and strict error management, but setting 0 to constant DEBUG_LEVEL solve the problems.
As we are talking about PHP, this kind of appliance with LAMP should include also PHP 5.3

For the audio codec, yes i can use another one, no problem.

For ffmpeg, anyway i am changing everything to encode in MP4 only and make more files as Youtube (360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p).

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See here. As I say on the issue, I suspect that the change to ffmpeg from the Debian repos is the underlaying issue here... (And that is why this appliance includes an older version of ffmpeg).

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Appliances broken out of the box are a big no no. We're working on a point fix to resolve this specific issue. Also, I'd like to invite everyone to join the discussion on how we might prevent similar problems in the future:



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I unpublished Clipbucket just now, many months too late. For the record, from now on any TurnKey app that is discovered to be broken out of the box will be immediately unpublished until the problem is fixed. Broken integrations are worse than no integrations.
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Yes that is the plan. However we do not currently have an ETA. If you'd like to have a look at the source code and see if you can help speed the fix along, then that would be super awesome! Otherwise, we'll have it done ASAP.

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I think insteed of rebuilding a new Clipbucket appliance you should build an "encoding and streaming" appliance.

There is a lot of other solutions than Clipbucket.

I know that some of this solutions require some version of some sofwares but it is lot more easy to modify the video website than the server softwares.

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It's just we haven't done it yet...

And that's a good idea, although we'd probably be inclined to do that as well (when we have time) rather than instead of...

If you have something particular in mind, then please feel free to have a tinker with TKLDev and see if you can build what you have in mind. If you do that then we'll be able to add it to the library much sooner! :)

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