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I hope I'm not posting a question that has been answered already.  I did search first but came up empty.

I have successfully installed vTiger, and like what I see, at least until I try to activate the customer portal.  I have tried to follow the directions I see on the vTiger website, but keep stumbling on the fact that PortalConfig.php does not exist on the TurnkeyLinux vTiger appliace image.

I created the file from scratch and placed it in both the module/CustomerPortal and module/Portal directories, created a contact with Portal User checked, but so far I cannot access the portal.

Help would be appreciated - I'm evaluating options for replacing our current CRM (Pivotal ver 5.4) and need to move beyond this issue before I can proceed.


Hi mark

i have just came across the same as you wondered if you managed to fix this?

I notice it maybe a PHP version issue.

Maybe back to building my own from scratch with correct dependencies/packages

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TBH I have no idea...

Perhaps this is a newer feature of vTiger that wasn't a part of it in the version in TKL v12.1? Unfortunate thing is that TKL does not have a vTiger appliance in it's current release. TKL v13 is based on Debian 7/Wheezy which includes PHP5.4 which unfortunately vTiger doesn't yet support (soon though apparently).

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...

Although as an after thought, if you want to persevere with the v12.x appliance then perhaps it would be worth updating it first? And/or you could try posting on the vTiger forums about your issue (although they possibly won't be interested in supporting an old version...)

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We produce a vTiger appliance but are not vTiger experts. I suggest that you start a new thread on their forums.

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