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I am new to using Turnkey.  Just now using Joomla appliance and liking it.  I was curious if there is an Amahi or Windows Home Server equivalent appliance or is there anyone working on one?

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I've just been having a look at Amahi and I like it. What a fantastic looking all-in-one home server! At the moment though, as TKL is Ubuntu based and Amahi is Fedora based so it won't happen any time soon. OTOH acording to this page they do have an Ubuntu version planned. They just need an Ubuntu Dev! There are some notes on early stages here for any that are interested. At this stage I think if you wanted Amahi you'd be better off getting it as it is (based on Fedora).

I haven't really answered your question though. Bottom line is that I don'r think anyone here is working on such an appliance.

Although happy to be proven wrong!

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Thanks.  You answered my question quite well.  I checked out the links you posted.  It looks like it will be a while before a viable Ubuntu/Amahi package will be available, but it is being worked on.  Hopefully an appliance project will follow?

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amahi is now ubuntu based,

why not create a turn-key live image based on this?

afterall you could add the repo to the local image and download the files (on a download only basis)
and then possibly modify the script to not need to update the repo
(so it can be installed locally from the live iso)  that way it would work great who knows mabye there is a way to modify thier installer script to become one of those debconf screens? (far beyond my knowhow on that)
but if it could be done, it would make amahi locally installable like any live dvd would be...~

what do you think?

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Thanks for the update. I have added Amahi to the list of proposed TKL appliance candidates (here).

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thankyou jedmeister,
so far im using whs 2011 with plex,  i know amahi does a plex install by default.

only reason i use whs was because i had an issue relating to wanting my cake and eating it by

wanting the same computer to become an active directory system as well as the amahi/ubuntu computer in one, and thus i broken something
(its still there, just not booted into it until i can fix whats wrong)

it seemed to want to BE the internet for the network, and no other pc / tablet would be able to get online via names  ie and only ip addresses etc so until i figure that, i couldnt do diddly squat haha, now if the proposals get to work and build a beta
(not saying get to it, just saying if they did)

1:) i would be MORE than happy to test a build for you and let you know how i get on.

My Reasoning:)
 i have since added another 2 hard drives to the computer, which comes up to 4 decimal terrabytes
so i hoped / wanted to use something pre-done and stable,
i know turnkey has a history of being SOLID,
so this is in hopes of not looking pushy, but stating my (hopefully strong) case for approval ;-)

anyways enough of my ramblings haha, i have to get some stuff done lol,
thanks for the proposal request.

Kind Regards,
Des ainsworth
Ubuntu (average / )Power User
and a uk small business owner of The GothBox, Limited.
(i build arcade machine conversions)

p.s i mentioned what i do to show why i wanted something solid, :-)

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TBH I'm not sure if/when it will happen but i think that it is a solid candidate...

TKL is now based on Debian (since v12.x) but since Ubuntu and Debian are fairly close I still think that it is possible. We'll just have to wait and see what happens...

If you are particularly keen and want to push the development ahead, then feel free to have a crack at TKLDev.

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