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Ok long story short, I have a desktop running wikimedia and I have changed the "Web Server Hostname" to work from, lets say, "businesswiki". Well if you are ont eh network physically you can log into the wiki webpage just typeing "businesswiki" in the browser, the problem comes from if you are out of network (But VPN into it) you can not use the tag "businesswiki" you must use the IP address of the wiki to have access to the wiki page. 


Is there an easy way to fix this?

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Obviously some information available on your LAN is being balocked with your VPN. I have never worked with a local network via a VPN so perhaps there is a workaround within your VPN software/provider?

Although possibly the easiest solution would be to add an entry to the hosts file on the PC(s) that you want to use to access the Wiki

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Sorry, linux is still pretty new to me. What do you mean when you say add an entry and how do I do that? Is that like adding the MAC address to the wiki server or something?


We have a lot of computers coming on and off the network and connecting VPN through other networks (a lot of traveling done), would an entry be a one and done type of thing?

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It most likely is to do with your VPN config (or perhaps limitations of your VPN). Somewhere along the line your hostname is getting blocked. You may be able to tweak it so it works? But I wouldn't know where to start there...

So editing hosts might be the safest, most likely to be successful way (although probably the most tedious). It will need to be done on EVERY PC that will be offsite and connecting via VPS. You would need to add an entry to the host file on each computer. The process for that will depend on the OS. Google will help you out there (google something like "how to edit hosts win7" assuming Windows 7). To clarify, it will only need to be done once per computer but on every computer... You will also need to make sure that your server IP is static otherwise it might change (you can do this on TKL from the ConfConsole).

Another thing might be to set up a local DNS which might be a better option (or add a new entry for your Wiki if you have one already). It will mean just config in one place, however whether that works or not I can't guarantee, again it will depend on your network and/or your VPN...

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Thanks a lot friend. That worked for me! Although it may be looked at as a temporary solution, it works. 

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