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We are evaluating a TKLinux appliance on AWS on the Free Tier (12 month) and wanted to check that backups could be restored properly to a new instance (rather than risk corrupting the exisitng appliance we are currently running)

To do this we had to upgrade to the $10/month pay-per-use tariff (you can only have one instance on the free tier) and it looked as if we could upgrade/downgrade as required.

However, now that we have verified that we can restore successfully, it seems very unclear whether cancelling the pay-per-use plan will return us to the free tier for the remainder of the initia 12 month period, or if it will destroy the (free) micro-instance we still have running.

Does anyone have any advice or experience of having done this?



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As long as you have destroyed your test server.

Sorry that's probably not the clear answer you were hoping for but I think it should work fine.

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