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Alltough sounds like a generic ubuntu issue I only have this behaviour with turnkey.

I'm testing a turnkey-core appliance and I've noticed that my custom /etc/syslog.conf is modified every week, My original syslog.conf is moved to syslog.conf.0 and instead I get an empty /etc/syslog.conf

I guess it has something with turnkey repositories and apt-cron for security updates.

How can I stop that and make my configuration files persistent?



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cron-apt only auto-updates from repositories when there are security issues and in any case those wouldn't zap your configuration files. Debian policy is very careful and specific about that.

You might want to check if this behavior might have something to do with any changes you've made to TurnKey Core. One way to do that would be to try and reproduce the issue on an unmodified TurnKey Core appliance.

Since it happens on a regular basis you might want to check out if this is a cron configuration in the following directories:

Also run this in the command line:
crontab -l
I can't find anything in there that would be responsible for the behavior you describe...

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