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I am getting ready to upgrade my turnkey 64-bit Linux Wordpress image, it's currently on an m1.small.

By default the next step up is m1.medium. Looking at the image list it seems like M1 is legacy, and the current gen M3 is the way to go. With the latest price announcements, M3.medium is $0.077 vs M1.medium of $0.095 (EU) and - M3 has one more ECU!

I am fully literate with the reimaging and relaunching into new images, when I tried this a month ago into an M3, AWS told me that the Turnkey image is "not compatible" and blocked it. It's this:

So for obvious reasons I would like to launch into an M3.medium, not a legacy, slower, more expensive M1.medium. These are binary compatible, right? Is it just a matter of allowing M3.mediu in the AWS product profile?


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Unfortunately AWS control all the MP stuff on their end. I'll email them and ask what needs to be done. So either you'll need to be patient or launch via the Hub (see Hub sizes here).

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I feel almost certain this is just a setting change. After all, your good chums with the Bitnami wordpress image have both m1.medium and m3.medium on their equivalent..

I would prefer to stay with Turnkey, natch. Thanks very much for checking.

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But they'll have to do it... Strangely enough (IMO anyway) the AWS MP is all handled by people... On the upside they're usually pretty responsive to emails so we'll see how we go.

I'll keep you posted.

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It is as simple as a request to the AWS MP team to add the desired instance size. Unfortunately I worded my initial email to them as an inquiry rather than a request so they had to email back telling me to just request it (which I've just done now). Hopefully it should be enabled really soon!

Also FWIW (in case someone else comes across this thread - it won't affect you) m3.medium instances only support 64 bit OS (so it will only be available for 64 bit TKL instances on AWS MP).

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Still not there, did Amazon give any indication how long it would take to provision it?

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I got an email from AWS early yesterday (my time) stating:

I expect to have these updated later today (tomorrow at the latest).

So I would hope any minute...!

FWIW I just doble checked and it's still not up yet, but hopefully really soon...

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Good to hear thanks, I will keep an eye on the tier offerings and report back if / when successfully upgraded.

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Hi Brian, I just wanted to follow up on this to make sure it was all go. I just checked and they now appear to be available. Yay!

Thanks for the nudge to get this sorted! Sorry it took so long...

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Yes I can see it there, that's great, users are on the system now but I should get the chance to kick them off and upgrade in the next 24 hours.

I note M3.large is also not there, maybe you could add it just to complete the offering. I don't need it at the moment but it has the same sort of improvement, EU/$0.154 instead of $0.19, more cpus, etc etc.

Many thanks!

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TBH I haven't actually double checked that they are, but AWS just emailed to say that they have enabled it, so should be good to go!

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Sounds good, I can see it on the Wordpress image, at least. Here's hoping business expands so that one day I will need it.

Thanks for actioning this.

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Thanks for the confirmation... And no worries, glad to be of service! :)

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