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Hi I bought two reserverd instances via Amazon to use with TKL. But they don't appear in the Turnkey hub. Later I noticed that you can buy reserved instaces via the Turnkey hub. I bought one via TKL hub and that one appeared immediately.

It's not documented very well that you should buy via TKL. Confusing

I hope I haven't lost my investment. 


Jan Joost

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To paraphrase one of my favourite quotes: But in theory, theory is the same as practice; unfortunately in practice it rarely is...

In other words I think the harsh reality is that I'm not sure if we can. Theoretically the Hub should see your servers, although in practice there are some limiting factors which stop it from seeing them... It seems that those limiting factors are at play here...

But all is not lost (hopefully). I'll email you off list and we'll see what we can do...

[post edited to correct info]

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