Hi Im very new to the setup of the above and would like some help if possible?

I have installed OTRS and it is working fine but i do not know how to setup a mail account to send and receive mail from users on my server 2003 domain. How do i relay messages from my server?

Does anyone have a step by step guide for this? or can point me in the right direction please?



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Postfix is not something I'm familiar with although I've found that other TKL appliances (eg phpBB) send mail with little or no further config (other than initial setup). Perhaps there is some config within OTRS that you've missed?

It may also pay to make sure there isn't a firewall or some other network issue that's causing problems.

Then again, on the other hand perhaps there is something missing or not working correctly in the TKL OTRS appliance and perhaps it does require some additional config to get it to send email. If you'd like to explore this possibility then remember that TKL is Ubuntu 8.04 Server under the hood and you should be able to find some info via Google. No doubt there is an OTRS support forum somewhere too which may be of use?

[edit] I just had a quick look on the appliance page and it says that it includes a Postfix Webmin module so you should be able to configure Postfix from there. Have a look

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TKL OTRS is a self contained appliance that includes OS (Ubuntu Linux Server) and does not run as a Windows app or service. You can run it on top of Windows but you need a virtual environment such as VirtualBox, VMware Player or VMware Server (or similar).

If you want to run OTRS directly on Windows then you'll need to get some help with that elsewhere.

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