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Anyone have any suggestions for a web based IT Asset Management application that could potentially be turned into an appliance?

The application needs to be iPad friendly.

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But there are a couple mentioned/requested as Appliance Candidates; namely Dspace (website) and Razuna (website). I have no idea about whether or not they are iPad friendly or not...

It might be nice to check them out and look at fulfilling one of those existing requests/suggestions first. However, as this is a shortfall in the TurnKey Library (i.e. there is no existing specific IT Asset Management solution) and assuming that you are proposing doing the work, I think that any FOSS software that you found appropriate would be a great thing to add to the TurnKey lineup.

So if none of those take your fancy, then a quick google turned up a few more. These are a few that seemed relevant at a glance:

ITDB - http://www.sivann.gr/software/itdb/
OCS Inventory - http://www.ocsinventory-ng.org/en/
Asset, Inventory and Risk Assessment - http://sourceforge.net/projects/assetmng/

Snipe IT looked alright too, but unfortunately it's still in alpha so not suitable as an appliance...

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Snipe IT would absolutely be my first choice if it were developed further.

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Let's hope that they get to a stable release soon! :)

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Thanks for posting. Congrats too as I note that you now have a v1.0 release - although the link to it on this page has a typo; it links to hhtpps://github...

It'd be great to add Snipe-IT to our library although I'm not sure that we have the resources to work on it anytime soon though, unless someone (from the community) takes it up. If you or anyone from your community want to have a crack, then please let us know and I will do my best to assist in helping you out if need be...

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So you won't find any Windows help here sorry... I don't know where you would get help. Perhaps that have forums or something? Good luck.

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I will be starting the TKL build code soon for work, then touching it up for TKL.


See this issue for details :



Or follow the progress at my TKL Build Code Repo:






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TurnKey (both as an organisation and as a community) are blessed to have you onboard! Thanks again for all you contribute.
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Advertising our main competitor here in our forums...! Cheeky! :p
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But unfortunately, your suggestion won't be much good for us!

Firstly our software appliances are Linux based (i.e. non-Windows headless servers, designed to run in a VM).

Secondly we only include open source software, so again Spiceworks is not an option.

Thanks anyway for trying to help out. :)

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I'd love to see it added to the library, but I can't really afford to divert attention from v15.0 release until I have finished updating the current library of appliances.

I've had a quick look and from what I can gather, the latest version requires PHP5.6. So it should be fairly straight forward to install on our v14.2 LAMP appliance. Unfortunately though (unless I'm reading wrong or missed something - which is possible) it's not compatible with PHP7.0 (the version of PHP in v15.0). Perhaps that's why you're having issues?

If you can detail your attempts and the issues you are having then I can try to help you out.

If you can get it installed and working on v15.0 and are interested in assisting to develop the buildcode, then I'm happy to provide some coaching on developing that so we can release it as an appliance. Even if that's too much for you, just having some TurnKey specific build notes would help...

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