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ok I am new to turnkey and both proxmox..

I have succesfully installed proxmox and have downloaded appliances . I am unable to log in to any of them...the load and run .. But when i travel to the logon screen ..nothing i enter into user or password works ever no matter what appliance .


So what is it I am doing wrong .....whem it installs in proxmox the user name says root@pam

and when i was loading it I gave a password there that i what am i missing?

I dont thing this is being very


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Ok .. what i was not aware of is that of the turnkey apps and the rest of the apps have to be -init from the command line to finish the setup.... I assume this is because they are already virtualized .. there fore they have to be configured by the command line or terminal....

I found this information at proxmox ...that all apps default to turnkey password .. and this first has to be done in the terminal.. correct me if I am wrong...

Because I tried it before i went in the terminal.. as admin/turnkey... and no login
i then went to the vnc terminal and entered


Then it asked me for my proxmox credentials .. then allowed me to enter mysql password and admin password for site...then it will also ask you for if you want to download updates ...

So not for sure why this is the method for installation.. but it is?

It would be nice if it would either take the credential straight from the users account when installing

or just have a standard default user and password to start...




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Like I said over on your other thread you will need to log in to the appliance to do the firstboot (aka init) scripts (to set passwords etc). They should auto run the first time you connect (either using the Proxmox Java console or SSH). Not sure why they didn't auto run for you...!? Perhaps you are using v12.x appliances? Prior to v13.0 release you needed to manually run the init scripts.

You should be able to login to the appliance's terminal using root and the password you set when you created the container in Proxmox...

Unless you specifically need a v12.x appliance I would try again with a v13.0 appliance...

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I appreciate all the help truly..

and thanks on hooking me in the right direction .
you were absolutely right about how i needed to use this machine .. this is the best decision i have made concerning it... its a work horse and now I have the best hypervisor on the planet .. hoorah



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Glad you are happy with your decision. I think it's the best way to go... Good work! :)

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