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I've just installed the TKL AWS 64-bit nginx/FastCGI edition and noticed that the ngonx version is only 1.2.1, which came out 2 years ago (June 5th 2012)

Is there an easy way to upgrade to a newer version, i.e. 1.5 or even 1.6 on Wheezy?


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If the version included actually will serve your purpose, then I highly recommend sticking with it. Whilst it is an older version it will be rock solid stable and security patches are backported to it and are auto installed every night (default TurnKey config). So security is not an issue either...

On the other hand if you have a particular need for a newer version (like a specific feature that isn't available in v1.2.1) then you could always install from Wheezy backports. v1.6.0 is there. Here is the documentation on how to install from backports.

Although keep in mind that you will need to look after your own security updates (you'll need to manually check for and install them). You could configure it auto-install updates but IMO that would be a bad idea on a production server as backports do not retain the same level of testing as stable does, so you'll risk your site breaking if a broken security update breaks it.

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Debian prioritizes stability and security support over having the bleeding edge latest version. You can try installing a newer version from the backports. You can try installing for testing. And if you really do want the latest version, you can try installing from Debian unstable or from upstream source code.

Just realize that not using the Wheezy version breaks automatic security supports for Nginx. That's the tradeoff.

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Hehe Liraz! You pretty much said what I did...

FWIW the version in wheezy-backports is currently the same as what is in Jessie (testing) and Sid (unstable).

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