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Hi all!

I am new at using TurnKeyLinux which I must say is excellent.

I am experimenting with ASP .NET on Apache with Mod Mono ( using the OpenStack image which I have succesfully uploaded to my Havana installation.

Furthermore I was able to launch several instances of TurnKeyLinux but unfortunately all of them had a very severe problem: They ignore the disk size as set by the OpenStack's flavor and they create a default /rootfs with approximately 2.7GB of space instead.

In addition the / partition (2.7GB) is bundled at the /dev/vda which means I cannot create a new partition at this device since it's mounted therefore I cannot use the size as defined by the flavor. 

I 've read several posts regarding the resize of the root filesystem but all of them are reffering to the LVM which unfortunately the image I have downloaded and used doesn't have by default unless I am missing something since I 've tried the vgdisplay command and the result was "no volume group was found".

Am I doing something wrong?

Could someone point me to the right direction in order to launch an instance that will take into account the flavor's disk space?



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Trying to figure out why this is happening I 've downloaded another flavor ( but the same thing is happening. Webmin is showing the available disk to be 2.73GB while the output of the 'df' command produces the following:

df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
rootfs 932M 789M 96M 90% /
udev 10M 0 10M 0% /dev
tmpfs 202M 152K 202M 1% /run
/dev/vda 932M 789M 96M 90% /
tmpfs 5.0M 0 5.0M 0% /run/lock
tmpfs 403M 0 403M 0% /run/shm
/dev/vda 932M 789M 96M 90% /tmp
/dev/vda 932M 789M 96M 90% /var/cache/tklbam
using fdisk I can see the assigned hard disk space but cannot use it....
Any ideas???
Furhtermore the log file has this info regarding the LVM:
[....] Setting up LVM Volume Groups...  No volume groups found
  No volume groups found


So my question is what do I have to do in order to set LVM in using the Openstack's flavor disk size?

I thought that this was happening by default...Is my understanding wrong?





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And we don't have an OpenStack setup for testing. LVM is default on most TKL builds but it appears not on the OpenStack one... :(

TBH none of us are particularly familiar with OpenStack and we developed the build in consultation with an OpenStack user some time ago. However, recently I had some other feedback about our OpenStack images not being very "user friendly". So it sounds like they need some tweaking.

All the TurnKey appliances are initially built as ISOs then converted to the other formats (inc OpenStack). Perhaps there is something going a bit pear shaped in that process. Unfortunately the build code isn't yet public. We have plans to make that code available for users so that TKLDev can build appliances in any build format (and users can provide tweaks and improvements via pull requests). But it's not yet ready...

We'd really love some help to make the OpenStack build better but it makes it hard for people such as yourself to help out when the code isn't yet available... :(

Regardless your feedback is invaluable but I'm really sorry that I can't be of any substantial help. FWIW I have logged an 'issue' on our GitHub tracker.

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The process we use to convert ISOs to the OpenStack builds uses TKLPatch is fairly simple. Here's a link to the source code which I extracted from our buildtasks system. It needs to be modified a bit to be used but that shouldn't be difficult.

Just to clarify the only reason the conversion code is not part of TKLDev yet is that it's embedded in our batch build system, which is designed for a different use case and includes various bits of security sensitive information.

We're going to reintegrate that into the next TKLDev release. In the meantime, as a workaround if anyone wants the source code to a specific build ask and I'll extract it from our build system.

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Thanks very much for doing that. :)

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Thank you both for your explanations.

Meanwhile I have managed to bypass the problem of a very small root filesystem by converting the VMDK image into a qcow2 and inserted the latter in OpenStack.

This does solve partially the problem since the new root filesystem is around 18GB but it doesn't solve it completely since it still ignores the OpenStack flavor's disk size.

I will see if I can do something more about that and let you know.



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Thanks for providing info about your workaround. No doubt others may find that useful.

If you get time it's be great if you could look into this further for us and assist us to optimise the OpenStack images. Even if you don't, any additional info would be fantastic! And thanks for giving TurnKey a whirl! :)

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The ever industrious Peter Lieven from has submitted a fix to inithooks that allows the rootfs to AUTOGROW:

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