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Hello, I following the recomendation to upgrade TurnKey version by backing up the old vm using TKLBAM and restoring to a new vm with the new version. When I started the restore an warning told me that the versions where not compatible. After I restored the backup, the wordpress site did not display correctly and I could not log in to wp-admin - page not found.

What am I doing worng?




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Also without more info about the specific warning you are getting I have no idea what is going on or how it might be worked around. If you are upgrading from a quite old version of TurnKey then that may be your issue. My guess is that is what's happening and my answer will assume that that's it...

IIRC really old versions of TKL WP used WP from package management and that would explain why you are getting the problems (newer versions of TKL use WP from upstream). I vaguely recall there was some workaround, but I don't recall it... You may need to manually migrate the data initially (and possibly to an intermediate version of WordPress too even?) before TKLBAM will work...

Sorry not particularly helpful...

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It's on my "to-do" list to try out the TKLBAM restore but I haven't got around to it yet. Until I train myself up on that procedure I am using the old fashioned method which works fine. Build a new VM then transfer the Wordpress site across to the new VM. There are a number of Wordpress plugins that will do it. I use xcloner. NOTE: I am not an xcloner affilliate...just a fan of the product. It's free. Hard to beat that.


Tim (Managing Director - OnePressTech)

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But IIRC v11.x (or maybe it was only earlier) used a apckage from package management instead of upstream...

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I restored the vm and it's appears to be working fine.  It was my mistake. I thought I had used the WorpPress appliance, but apparently I had used the LAMP stack. When I looked at my online backup, it showed it's profile as turnkey-lamp-12.1-squeeze-amd64, so I thought I would try restoring to that. It gave me no error during the restore, and so far appears to have no issues.

Thanks guys for your help,


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That would probably explain it! FWIW it should probably work fine restored to v13 LAMP then too I would imagine.

If you decide to stick with v12, make sure that you enable the LTS security updates! See the TurnKey blog post for more info.

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