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Thank You for your quick reply Jed & input on screenshots.

It might be best to start from scratch and do another install based on your recommendations. I also noticed that after setting up an account in that there are additional appliances installations available which I have not yet tried.


At first I wanted to setup Joomla on my working computer running Windows XP to learn Joomla and then setup another of my spare computers as a server solely for working with Joomla to develop wep sites. I have  a network here with a  router running several computers.


What I did was an install "Download Turnkey Joomla" from web site & started the install process which setup a virtual disk and Virtualbox. I used the VM image but found the later version of Virtualbox does not allow for the boxes to be checked such as Enable ACPI & Mount CD/DVD Drive plus selecting ISO Image File as shown in the Appliance installation tutorial with Vitualbox.


In conclusion your recommendation on starting again would be appreciated.


For your info I have added some screenshots below – the boot sequence within Vitualbox could not be captured but basically showed CD DVD Floppy boot failures.


Thanks Again

Lars Nielsen






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Hey Lars,


Within Windows you can save a screenshot of the current active window to the

clipboard by pressing <Alt><Prnt Scrn> (hold Alt, press Print Screen). Then

paste it into MS Paint (or similar - I use Paint.NET under Windows) to

edit/crop/highlight/add info/shink size (image size and/or file size) etc.


This will make your screenshots easier for others to view (no blurry words)

and faster to open (smaller file size).


Anyway back to the job at hand. I am unfamiliar with VBox post v2.x and don't

really use it anymore, but hopefully I can be a little useful.


Are you trying to install from VM image (actually no install required as

such) or from ISO?


If you are using a VM image, you should be able to just import it and it

should just run.If thats the case when does the error occur, while importing

or on first boot?


If using ISO, after install has completed you should be able to turn off VM,

set to boot from HDD, remove ISO and all good! It shouldn't look for CD/DVD.


Perhaps you could try explaining a little more with maybe some screenshots of

the boot process of the appliance (using the method I suggest above)? I found

it really hard to read your screenshots, especially the middle one "Boot

errors". Also the screen doesn't look familiar, at what point does that





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You can try again under VirtualBox if you want and I will try to help you out with any problems you encounter. If you do go that direction, I would suggest you use the VM image (instead of the iso).

But to be honest, if you are planning to use alterantive hardware, you may be better off setting that up now. What hardware is it? If its x64 capable then I'd strongly encourage you to try Proxmox VE. Its a Debian based Virtualisation platform (or Virtual Environment) - also known as a Hypervisor. It will allow you to host multiple VMs on your spare PC. I wrote a bit more about Proxmox VE and others over here if you're keen for a read.

Let us know how you go.

Ps Perhaps remove the quote (from  -----Original Message----- down), it'll make the thread a lot easier to read. If you want to refer back to the orignal topic just post a link.

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