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Can multiple appliances be installed on the same server?

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If you set up some sort of hypervisor type OS as the basis and then install the appliances on top of that. I use Proxmox VE, it works really well for me and I'd highly recommend it. I've written at length why I like it so much here. Setup is really easy, download the iso, burn to CD, boot and install (pretty much the same as most Debian/Ubuntu based distros). It has SSH installed default and I think SFTP too (but perhaps I set that up?) The only thing I added to the base install was Webmin (to tie it in with my TKL appliances). Webmin can administer some aspects of clusters quite well and its nice to have a uniform config environment.

To minimise resouce usage, I use the OpenVZ component (but it has KVM as well). You can create your own TKL OpenVZ templates if you'd like (I've posted instructions to how I do it here) but there's also some pre-created ones that xtrac568 kindly packaged here.

Other options would be to use something like VMware ESXi (free but not opensource). Or install your own OS and add the hypervisor/virtualisation software of your choice. If you 'roll your own' I would urge you to keep the base OS as minimal as possible.

Another option (my least favourite) would be to install one TKL appliance and manually add the other functionality.

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I will give it a go. Thanks for the info.

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I will give it a go. Thanks for the info.

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If you mean install multiple virtual appliances on one physical server, then yes you can do this.

I use VMware and you can install pretty much as many as your server CPU and storage will support depending upon what the appliances do and the resources they need in order to maintain performance.

There are rumors of up to 40 appliances on one physical server with VMware ESX, I expect the VMware workstation product would support a smaller quantity.




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