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Hey all

I have a robust windows 2003 server running a few web apps at a co-lo provider.  I have some linux oriented apps that I would love to host for myself and friends, and was considering running a VMWARE server instance and a LAMP appliance to get it.  I have only used virtualization at my desktop and never at a server.  If resources were sufficient, would this be a reasonable method?  I am trying to avoid colo-ing another box, or VPS fees for some very simple apps (bug tracker, small forum, etc.)



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I think VMware Server works quite well under Server 2k3 and provides a handy web ui for administration. I did notice a bit of a 2k3 desktop performance hit with a couple of VMs running but it was pretty low spec hardware.

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Much appreciated.  I would love to drop esxi on the box but I cannot do the downtime. 

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