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Hi !

I cant add new language to Canvas LMS. It's 100% translated on transifex, and i download sr.yml file and add it to /var/canvas/config/locales. After that, i add these lines to locales.yml



         sr: Srpski (crowd-sourced)

    qualified_locale: sr-RS

    crowdsourced: true


Also file sr_RS.js exists in /var/canvas/public/javascrpit/vendor/timezone.


But when i test it, everything on Canvas what is writen in JS stayed untranslated. 


Does anyone have idea what can i do?




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And it sounds like you have a pretty good handle on what you are trying to do...

FWIW TurnKey v13.0 is essentially a customised Debian Wheezy build so pretty much anything that applies to Debian Wheezy also applies to TurnKey.

I'm not sure if it matters but TurnKey by default only has US English configured - perhaps you need to configure additional locales on the server too?

Otherwise I have no idea...

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I searched, and find lot of .js files, which should be translated. It should be done auttomaticly, by i18n:generate_js, but nothing happend after that.

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You might be better off asking members of the Canvas community about that. Whilst we produce a Canvas appliance, we certainly aren't the Canvas experts. A quick google turned up this list of potential help resources. Also here is a page about internationalisation that may (or may not) be relevant (also turned up in my googling).

If you get it sorted it'd be great if you could post back. Thanks.

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