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Will there be a update to the Concrete5 appliance in the near future? The version of the CMS is out of date. 




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But TBH when we're not sure... We are actually long overdue for a full library refresh/maintenance release and we hope to do that ASAP. Unfortunately because of some behind-the-scenes stuff going on we haven't been able to give that the love that it needs...

So I probably wouldn't sit and wait for it to land. If you want to stick with TurnKey you have a couple of options:

You should be able to update it in place as you would if you had installed it yourself. Essentially it is just our LAMP appliance with Concrete5 installed on top.

Another option (and I reckon you know where I'm going here...) is that you could start with our LAMP appliance yourself and manually install Concrete5 on top.

Finally, if you wanted to help us out (and you are happy with an ISO - not so useful if you want to run on AWS) you could install TKLDev and tweak the Concrete5 appliance build code to build it with the current stable Concrete5 version (it will then spit out an ISO - so as I said of little value if you want to run it on AWS...). This will give you an updated Concrete5 appliance ISO and give us the updated code so there's a little bit less work for us to do for v13.1...

Regardless which way you go, feel free to keep us posted on how you progress and/or ask any questions...

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