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Maybe this question has been asked before, but i like TKL and i think the centos community will benefit a lot from such a similar approach. 

I have to use centos in my daily routine (company policy) and i had to give up for the moment tkl.

I will be more than glad to help - however is possible.

Thank you for your answers.



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Hi Mike. We're all Debian type guys here and all of our tools are built for Debian/Debian based distros.

However I wouldn't say that we're totally against CentOS (or any other distro for that matter). But its not a focal point for us. Hence if you leave to us who know when (or even if) it will happen but it's not completely out of the question.

Possibly (at least one of) the biggest stumbling block(s) would be the reliance on the apt packing system that many of the TurnKey tools rely on. Retooling everything to be OS agnostic would be quite a big undertaking...

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@Jeremy : thank you for your response.  I used to be also 100% debian, but switching jobs.. means swithing company policies.  Thank you again for a great product.

I would still have one remark/suggestion: I think it would be very useful to have more examples/tutorials on how to ...    for example how to create your own unattaended install.  If i will have some time, maybe i will create a video tutorial on how to do it - if i will figure it out myself :).

Keep up the good work!

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