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Hi all.


I just tried the tkl-lxc appliance on the hub.

All seems to be working as expected but I can't get the pre configured apt-cacher-ng to work.

All i get is:

Err wheezy Release.gpg
  Could not connect to ( - connect (111: Connection refused)

I have looked at the config files, see no errors there

Did a tcpdump -i natbr0 'port 3142'  

And I see traffic.


Even tried it from the lxc host itself but still the same connection refused message.

Have I perhaps missed something, or is it broken. Any Ideas?


if I disable apt proxy on the containers apt-get works as expected.



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But apt-cacher-ng is pretty straight-forward software... And in my experience it just works... The only thing that I could guess is the IP address is wrong for some reason...!? You have demonstrated that the host's port 3142 has something going on... Perhaps you could curl the address and see what you get back? apt-cacher-ng serves a basic html page (which details config) when you try to connect with a browser.

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I'll give curl a try, hopefully tomorrow.

On a side note, I really like the concept of tkl.

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As almost always there were no fault in apt-cacher.

It was a small typo were the port 3142 became 3124, as can be seen in my origional post.


But at least I were able to hunt down where this error came from.

I followed the guide to create a lxc container on this page:

and under the Heading "Creating a container (wordpress, NAT)" 

Step 1 it says "-x"


That last port definition should be changed as that line creates the 01proxy config script under /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/

Over and out.


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Glad to hear you worked out what your problem was. And thanks for the heads up re our mistake in the docs...

I have just forked the repo, committed a fix and issued a pull-request... Hopefully Alon or Liraz will merge it real soon. (I don't have write permissions to the code repo - and that's the way I like it!)

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