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I am a bit confused.

I need to create a (series of) repository(ies) in my TKL-Redmine.

I tried to manually create a --bare repo in /srv/repos/git, but that is not visible from anywhere.

I later discovered the symlink in /var/cache/git; providing such a symlink now makes thje repo visible via git://git/..., but Redmine complains about "404 - The entry or revision was not found in the repository."

I assume this is because I created a --bare repo (as advised by Redmine docs), while the example repository is *not* bare and symlink points to internal .git dir.

Before I get lost in this wild goose chase, can someone, pretty please, explain me (or point me to docs about) what's the "recommended way" to create (empty) repositories? I will need GIT and SVN repos, for different projects.

Any hint on how to manage repo permissions based on Redmine settings would also be VERY welcome.



I manually created the structure (as far as I devided it), but the 404 error is still there and I seem unable to "git push" because I get "'receive-pack': service not enabled for..." error, apparently because git-daemon was not started with "--enable=receive-pack" option.

continuing the chase...




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There is a doc that (I think) should cover that. There is also some discussion that should also be useful... Have a look here.

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